Tips For Mastering Software Engineering Interviews

When starting a career in software development, the interview is a big stressor. Some companies have multiple rounds. A lot of times, you face nerve-wracking coding problems and unpredictable algorithm questions. Fortunately, there are many coding platforms to choose from to help you with these coding problems. My best advice is to practice. Personally, I … Read more

Code Refactoring Best Practices

Have you even worked on a team of software developers and the code is absolutely horrible. We are talking spaghetti code and inefficient code like nested loops, which is a big no-no according to Big-O. As we write software applications, it is important to tackle the problem of writing messy code so that it is … Read more

Is Java a Good Language for Beginners?

Is Java a good language for beginners? This question is crucial because the first language you learn can shape your entire coding journey. You’re probably aware that Java has been widely used in the programming world for quite some time. Since its creation in the middle of the 1990s, it has grown significantly in the … Read more

How To Prepare For A React Interview

A big part of some interviews for React development is building applications as a take-home project and answering some questions about the library. Other companies have the traditional computer science interviews, much like algorithmic coding challenges, then the dreaded white-board interview that may make you cry into your pillow at night. This is especially true … Read more

Udacity Nanodegree Review

There are a lot of platforms that teach you how to code. What is the best one? These platforms have various pricing models. Some are a lot cheaper than others. I understand how important it is to be cost-effective. I hope this Udacity Nanodegree Review helps you decide if you should investigate this platform. As … Read more

Object-Oriented Programming With Javascript

In a previous article, I talked about functional programming. Today I want to address object-oriented programming with Javascript, which is still a prevalent paradigm that many companies use. Object-Oriented programming has become a lot easier in Javascript since ES6, with the introduction of classes. Before ES6, we could create objects, but it got messy. If … Read more